A downloadable prototype for Windows

The Magic Shoes is a prototypical platformer project.

Take control of Pod as you attempt to Climb The Tower and See The Glory. TMS is designed to be as simple and quick as possible. Your only abilities are running and, once you find the titular magic shoes, jumping. Enjoy a retro world designed to mimic the look of early 80s computers and CGA graphics. Windows only.


Left/Right: movement

Up/Down: climb ladders

Space: jump

Escape: quit game

Enter: make menu selections

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PublisherWeather Gage Workshop
Release date Nov 09, 2017
AuthorWeather Gage Workshop
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, cga, chiptune, GameMaker, Minimalist, Pixel Art, prototype, Retro, Short, two-colors
Average sessionA few minutes


The Magic Shoes v0.82.1 3 MB

Development log


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That was a good game. I tend to like these screen-based platformers. There was a glitch though, because all the left-facing cannons were firing the wrong way. Also, I found myself missing checkpoint flags a few times.

Thanks! We'll look into that cannon bug. It's strange since it wasn't happening on our last build... typical for bugs. Thanks for pointing that out. Glad you liked it!